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Home cooked dishes
from north India


Indoyama curries are made from my mother's recipes. Her original blend of rich savory spices that are the essence to our aromatic curry flavors.

I have found memories of my mom's lovingly made curries  and it is my desire to share them with all my friends in Japan. All of our curries do not contain gluten, nuts sugar and glutamine. The nostalgic reflection of the love and effort expressed through my mother's cooking for our family, is a special gift that I continue to share with our family, is a special gift that I continue to share with our Indoyama guests.

Thank you and enjoy your dining experience.


 We hope to warm up your body and heart 
by the power of spices. 

Ashish Shilpkar

Founder and Owner

I came to Japan as a staff member of Indian pavilion at Expo 2005 in Aichi Prefecture, and then  got married. I first cook curry for myself then my wife  really enjoyed it and I  started serving it to nearby friends, and gave a cooking class at the request of a local elementary school and a community center. In 2016, ten years after relocating to Japan, I opened a restaurant as I dreamed. It attracted attention from people around Japan and foreign tourists, and won first place in the curry section of “Japanese restaurants popular among non-Japanese people” of Tripadvisor in 2018 & 2019. by the help of local company they sponsored us to  developed retort curry, an original seven-flavored chili pepper with garam masala, etc. in collaboration with local enterprises.




Curry and Rice

¥980 (tax included)

 Chicken curry 

The most popular curry made with a recipe of the restaurant manager’s mother (using halal chicken*1)

Its key ingredients are uniquely blended spices that accent the sweetness of well-fried onion and vegetables and the umami of chicken. It includes halal chicken*1.

Its rice is Koshihikari grown in Azumino. You can also choose Basmati rice grown in India (+100 yen).

(*1: It means the meat processed with a Muslim method.)


Chicken Thali

(tax included)

Keema Thali

(tax included)

Beans Thali

(tax included)

 Keema curry 

(Minced pork)

Following a recipe of the restaurant manager’s grandmother, coarsely minced meat is used for enjoying its texture. Uniquely blended spices accent the flavor.

 Beans curry 

(Vegan curry)

This is a vegan*2 curry with plentiful plant proteins from soy meat and rare beans such as chickpea, black gram, and black-eyed pea. The sweetness and richness of beans go well with spices.

(*2: It is the practice of abstaining from eating animal products. Vegans are stricter than ordinary vegetarians, and they do not eat even eggs, dairy products, or honey.)


¥1,200 (tax included)


A set meal in northern India. Chicken curry, beans curry, raita (yogurt salad), rice, papad (bean-flour flatbread), and sweets or achar (Indian pickle) are served with a dedicated plate. You can eat them enjoyably, by drizzling curry on rice, adding yogurt to curry, tearing crispy papad, and so on. 

The photo shows a combo priced at ​¥1,400 (tax included).

Feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Operating hours: 11:30 to 19:30 (Closed early then usual time if sold out)

​Closed on Sundays

4-6-18 Ote, Matsumoto City, Nagano, 390-0874
TEL 0263-34-3103

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